About Us

Bionanogen Technology Development Industry And Trade INC.

BioNanoGen company is a new generation technology development company that carries out research and experimental development activities related to Biotechnology and manufactures and sells new technology products with the resulting prototypes. The company provides the design and development of new diagnostic technologies in order to produce world-class POC diagnostic kits and device systems in the field of health in Turkey and in the world.

In 2017, BioNanoGen company received private and state investments and established a new R&D laboratory with the technology it designed as the Izmir University of Economics pre-incubation company for the patent-pending ‘Nucleic acid analytical diagnostic chip and device’ they developed for the early diagnosis of cancer and infectious diseases. The company continues to work on the development of prototypes and biomedical technologies of these new generation products and their use in health services. BioNanoGen is rapidly advancing towards becoming a global company with its completely domestic chip, kit, and device system which has been unproduced in the world. The goal is to improve public health and reach a healthier society through early diagnosis by improving the possibilities provided by biotechnology.