DNA/RNA Isolation/Purification Kits

BNG Quick-RNA Isolation Kit

Purpose of Use:
The kit is used for viral nucleic acid isolation from samples such as nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal swap samples, liquefied sputum.
The kit is based on the principle of taking the genetic material from all viral particles with a lipid membrane or protein coat out of the cell by applying physical, enzymatic and biochemical processes and purifying them by spin column technique. BNG Quick RNA Isolation kit is an in vitro extraction kit used for swab sample nucleic acid extraction. It has a fast and simple method used to obtain high purity viral RNA from cell-free body fluids containing virus. High efficiency and purity are obtained at the end of isolation.

BNG Quick RNA Isolation and Molecular Transport Kit

Purpose of Usage:
BNG® is a transport system used for the collection and transport of cells and viruses from clinical specimens or the environment for the isolation of nucleic acids to be used in nucleic acid amplification tests.
Summary and explanation of the test:
It is widely used for various purposes such as amplification of nucleic acids isolated from cells or microorganisms by methods such as polymerase chain reaction (PCR), detection of infectious agents including SARS-CoV 2, identification of genotypes, and identification of genetically leading DNA sequences.