Diagnostic Technologies

Interest in the development of accurate, deterministic and easily adaptable diagnostic technologies has been increasing in recent years. BİONANOGEN develops methods to provide extraction, sample preparation and diagnosis together within an electronic diagnostic device that includes chips, kit and measurement part using the patented method for nucleic acids in samples such as blood, tissue, saliva, urine, and cancer and infectious diseases.

The diagnostic technology in question is a Point-of-Care (POC) determination chip and device that enables the extraction of nucleic acids and their determination and diagnosis together with the on-chip extraction of the samples taken from the patient. Thanks to this diagnostic technology, the necessity of long-term and costly extraction and sample preparation (sample preparation in the tube after extraction and enzyme immobilization, etc.) performed in the previous laboratory conditions of the nucleic acid to be determined have been eliminated. This diagnostic technology can complete the extraction, sample preparation and determination process together, without enzymes and in a much shorter time compared to the old methods (approximately 30 minutes). In addition, thanks to the device suitable for disposable chips developed in this technology, the analytical flow results of the quantitative (quantity) analysis can be reflected on the user’s screen as the number of copies in a microliter of nucleic acids and the results of the attached nanoparticles at the femtomolar level with the developed software, without the need for sterilization.